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grass being watered using an irrigation system

Measuring Low Flow With Ultrasonic Flowmeters

The FLOMEC® QS200 is a popular option for park management due to it's low maintenance and strong reliability in maintaining system integrity.

Take a look at how the QS200 has been used to maximise system efficiency.

Company Type: Park Management
Market: Irrigation / Landscaping
Application Category: Water Management

Model Number: QS200

Why the QS200 is best suited to this application:

  • No flow disturbance
  • No moving parts
  • Compatibility
  • Low/High flow accuracy
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Ultrasonic technology


The park is watered by using irrigation zones. Each irrigation zone has a valve that turns the flow of water on or off. These zones get water supply from a main water line that has a Master Valve.

A mechanical impeller meter was being used at the Master Valve to give flow rate information to the irrigation controller. This irrigation controller decides which zones get watered via control of the zone valves and Master Valve.

Flow accuracy is vital for ideal irrigation and responsible water management.


A mechanical impeller meter is not ideal for low flow measurement. Irrigation needs accurate flow readings at both low and high flow rates. Mechanical impeller meter also require more maintenance.

The mechanical impeller or its assembly sometimes requires replacement due to physical wear and tear. During maintenance, park staff has to be conscious of air in the line due to in-rushing water (at high velocity) that can damage the impeller (compressed air can also damage the impeller).

Irrigation Flow Meter ApplicationSolution

The FLOMEC® QS200 is ideal for irrigation needs, measuring high and low flow with excellent accuracy using ultrasonic technology. There are no “moving parts” in the QS200, removing the need to replace damaged impeller assemblies.

The QS200 is a compatible retrofit improvement to the existing mechanical impeller meter (compatible with existing tee) and the wiring to the controller is identical. Only the K-factor and Offset Value in the controller need to be changed.

By installing the QS200, the park will benefit from more accurate flow readings which will enable the irrigation controller to provide better water management with reduced maintenance time (and hassle).


Contact us to see how the QS200 Ultrasonic flow meter can maximise efficiency in your irrigation systems or take a look at the QS200 here.


Note About Decoders: Decoders tend to be daisy chained to each other down the line to an irrigation controller‘s output (depends on controller manufacturer’s design). The decoders merely help in relaying information to the controller. The QS200 insert retrofit can be wired to decoder the same way as the existing impeller meter without compromising performance.

Note About Non-FLOMEC Tee: Some impeller sensor’s tees are compatible with the QS200 insert. This application’s Non-FLOMEC Tee was compatible with the QS200, however, there are many different impeller sensors/tees. Only use a Non-FLOMEC Tee if it is verified to be QS200 compatible (Do NOT use for the QS200 otherwise). The FLOMEC tee provides better performance with the QS200 insert.

 QS200 Ultrasonic Flow Meter

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