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Sanitary Process Metering & Control

Flow meters play a crucial role during the transfer of wine and spirits, ensuring precision and consistency at each stage of the process. By accurately measuring the flow rate, flow meters help maintain the desired volume and prevent overflows or spillage, which is essential for both quality control and cost efficiency. During transfers, such as racking wine or moving spirits to aging barrels, flow meters provide real-time data that allows for careful monitoring and adjustment, ensuring optimal conditions are maintained. 

Additionally, the high accuracy and repeatability of flow meters contribute to maintaining consistent product characteristics across different batches, enhancing overall quality. Their use in documenting and tracking the transfer process also ensures compliance with regulatory standards, providing a reliable record for both quality assurance and traceability. In essence, flow meters are indispensable tools that enhance precision, efficiency, and control during the transfer of wine and spirits.

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A FLOMEC Positive Displacement Flow Meter
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