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RT40 Flow Rate Totaliser

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The FLOMEC® RT40 Flow Rate Totalizer is a perfect choice for users who require a simple display to read flow rate or totalised volume from a flow meter. The configurable digital output (pulse or alarm) also makes the RT40 well suited to use with a fuel management system, PLC, or a remote data logger.

The RT40 is a cost-effective solution for economic operations, seamlessly integrating with FLOMEC Oval Gear, Turbine and Insertion meters equipped with a pulse output. This streamlined compatibility enhances data analysis at a glance, eliminating the necessity for intricate systems in simple installations.

The RT40 Rate Totaliser is the perfect product for safe-area applications where a local display is required that can cater to a range of output requirements.

  • An economic and robust LCD display suitable for mine sites and service truck installations
  • Digital output can be set as a flow alarm to notify system faults, such as insufficient lubrication to a bearing
  • Five-point linearisation allows significant improvement in accuracy for most positive displacement or turbine flow meters
  • Universal inputs compatible with most positive displacement or turbine flow meters
  • Intuitive user experience with in-built diagnostics for faster commissioning and troubleshooting of issues
  • Quadrature input allows measurement of bi-directional flow (with suitable flow meter)
  • Polycarbonate screen protector maintains readability of the display while protecting from impacts
  • Totals units are selectable for Litres, Cubic Metres, US Gallons, Imperial Gallons, Millilitres (Cubic Centimetres), Quarts, Fluid Ounces, Cubic Feet, Barrels, Kilograms, Pounds, or Custom.
  • Easy and secure programming; PIN protected with simple scrolling English prompts on screen
  • Robust IP65 Aluminum housing or IP66/67 glass-reinforced nylon housing capable of being field or panel mounted
  • **External power is required for backlight or pulse output features.
  • Intrusment Type: Flow Rate Totaliser
  • Mounting Type: Meter and Field Mount, Wall, Pipe or Panel mount
  • Operating Temperature Range: -30°C - 80°C
Select Housing Material: Glass Reinforced Nylon (GRN)


Do your flow rate totalisers totaliser display instantaneous rate?

Yes, by pressing the RATE/TOTAL button of RT14 and RATE button of RT40 will show the flow rate or instantaneous rate.

Is the accumulated total in your totaliser resettable?

Yes, both RT40 and RT14 can be reset in programming mode. The steps for resetting the accumulated total can be found in the respective instruction manual.

Does RT40 Totaliser Instrument have an alarm?

Yes, the RT40 has a digital output can be set as a flow alarm to notify system faults, such as insufficient lubrication to a bearing. For more details about how to set up the Alarm output, you can refer to the Instruction Manual.

How long does the battery of your RT display lasts?

Under average conditions, the RT14 battery is expected to last for approximately 5 years. Average conditions are considered to be a reed switch input from a Flomec flowmeter with no outputs used. For the RT40, battery life is expected to last 3 years.

Can we install your RT instrument outside, without a roof or shade?

Yes, both our RT40 and RT14 have an IP66 (Nema 4x) rating. This means "water projected in powerful jets should not enter the enclosure in harmful quantities.". RT14 is also IP67-rated, which means it has protection against the effects of immersion in water between 15cm and 1m for 30 minutes.

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