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The QS200 Insertion Ultrasonic Flowmeter provides accurate reading of liquid flow rate and accumulated flow. Designed to support commercial irrigation applications, the QS200 is available in five pipe sizes, ranging from 1 to 4 inches and is available with a PVC tee or "insert retrofit" for replacement of existing paddlewheel flow sensors

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QS200 Ultrasonic 15


Avoid frequent and expensive replacement of flow sensors with worn or seized impellers using the QS200 Ultrasonic flow meter which has no moving parts.

The QS200's LED indicators indicate a range of information at a glance without having to remove the meter during maintenance. The LED's can indicate meter failure, no flow, high flow and power status making monitoring simple and efficient.

QS200 Ultrasonic Insert

High accuracy and repeatability, measures every drop and saves waste in your process

 The QS200 allows for the ability to find leaking valves or other irrigation system leaks as well as utilise key components of your irrigation systems such as flow alarms that are often turned off due to false alarms caused by mechanical flow sensors.

  • Measures flow rates as low as 0.83 L/min
  • Extended leak detection down to 0.03 m/s
  • Provides accurate reading of liquid flow rate and accumulated flow
  • Designed for above and below grade applications where the flow rates are between 0.1 to 15 fps (0.03 to 4.57 m/s) and temperatures are below 140° F (60° C)
  • Ideal for clean water flow measurement
  • High accuracy: ± 2.0% of reading (compared to full-scale accuracy)
  • LED light indicators (green for power and amber for pulse)
  • Low cost, effective and easy installation
  • No moving mechanical parts for low maintenance and superior low flow detection
  • Compatible with common name brand irrigation controllers
  • Available with a PVC tee or as an “insert retrofit” for replacement of some existing paddle wheel flow sensors
  • Inserts are supplied with two single conductors, 18 AWG solid copper wire leads that are 36” (914.4 mm) in length with UL Style 116666 direct burial insulation
  • Available in 5 pipe sizes, ranging from 1”–4”
  • Simple two-wire connector (for power and pulse)
  • External wiring (direct burial wire)

Here's the problem with most flow sensors in commercial irrigation applications

Paddle wheel, nutating disc and other mechanical flow meters have an impeller that has to start moving for the meter to sense any flow. To do that, there has to be enough flow for the impeller to overcome friction.

That’s no problem in many applications, where mechanical flow meters work great. But commercial irrigation is different. The low flows typical in drip lines and bubblers often aren’t enough to get those impellers moving.

So what happens? The meters read “no flow” even when there IS flow—it’s just below their ability to sense. This means system leaks are masked and these small leaks add up to big losses over time.


Yes, the RT displays are both compatible with QS200. We have a wiring connection document available for this, you can contact our sales team to request for it.


Yes, the RT displays are both compatible with QS200. We have a wiring connection document available for this, you can contact our sales team to request for it.

How much is your irrigation costing you?

A "small" 0.1 L/sec leak adds up to these significant water losses over time.

36 LitresEvery Hour
864 LitresPer day
25,920 LitresPer Month
311,040 LitresPer Year

Can't quite find what you're looking for? Let us work with you.

Chat to our team of applications engineers to see how we can design and adapt our flow measurement equipment to meet your requirements.

As a manufacturer, we have a long history of working closely with system designers and OEM's alike to develop custom flow measurement equipment to cater to a wide range of applciations.

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QS200 Ultrasonic family

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