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A1 Series Flow Meter - Aluminium

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FLOMEC® A1 Series Flow Meter - Aluminium flow meters are designed as self-contained, battery-powered units, making them the ultimate flow meter you can depend on for accurate, reliable, and repeatable results.

A large digital display with multiple totals and readings that have the capacity for external outputs and user configuration makes the A1 series versatile and capable of measuring both high and low flow rates.

The A1 Series Aluminium is a self-contained unit for fuel transfer or batching applications.

  • Fuel Transfer
  • Plant Process Water
  • Batching / Blending
  • Fuel Products
  • Agricultural Equipment Refuelling
  • Unique package combines Turbine and LCD into a self-contained, compact, economical meter.
  • Local Display Computer features: 2 Totals (1 Resettable, 1 Cumulative); Rate of Flow and User Configuration.
  • Output capabilities available to communicate with process control equipment.
  • Lightweight, compact design allows for easy installation.
  • Alkaline battery life: 2 years
  • Factory calibration in gallons and litres (can also be held calibrated to other fluids).
  • Technology: Turbine
  • Flow Range: 1 - 11 L/min | 11 - 190 L/min
  • Accuracy: ± 1.5% (Application Dependant)
  • Pressure Rating: 20.7 bar (300 psi)
  • Operating Temperature Range: -18° C - 54° C
Select Flowrate: Low Flow (1-11 L/min)
Select Connection: ISO (F)


What lengths of pipe are recommended before and after the meter so it is accurate?

You want to take the diameter of the meter times 10 on the inlet and times 5 on the outlet. For a 1 in. meter this would be 10 in. of straight 1 ft pipe going in and 5 in. of straight 1 ft pipe coming out. If you cannot do this you will not make the meter worthless, but you cut into the accuracy.

What happens if the air goes through a turbine meter?

Turbine meters can not tell the difference between air and liquid. It just knows the turbine is spinning, so any reading will be inaccurate if air is going through the turbine. Another reason to not put air through a turbine is potential damage. The air will make it spin extra fast, with no liquid for lubrication damage can occur. When the liquid gets there it can hit the turbine like a hammer. It is recommended to slowly bleed the air out of the lines then reset the meter total.

Can a turbine go below the minimum listed flow range?

In general you can expect a turbine meter to keep counting below its minimum range, but it will lose some of its accuracy. Normally it will completely stop at ½ of its published minimum flow. For example a ½ in. meter that reads between 1 and 10 LPM will be able to stretch down to around 1/2 a litre per minute. Keep in mind that nothing below the published minimum flow is guaranteed, and not all turbines will give this much extra performance.

Do the Turbine meters come with a calibration report?

The G Series, G2 Series and A1 Series Meters all come with a calibration report. This report is the data of the output of the meter at several flowrate points and will meet or exceed the advertised accuracy of the meter over the recommended flow range. This report should not be confused with a calibration certificate. (If a certificate is needed, request one from GPI.)

Can I remotely mount the display?

Yes, you can purchase a FM Approved Remote Kit (part # 113275-1). You can take the existing display off of your TM, A1 or G2 series meters, and put the remote kit in its place. At the other end of the remote kit is a box that is designed to be panel mounted. The existing display can then be installed on the remote box.



Chat to our team of applications engineers to see how we can design and adapt our flow measurement equipment to meet your requirements.

As a manufacturer, we have a long history of working closely with system designers and OEM's alike to develop custom flow measurement equipment to cater to a wide range of applications.

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