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The FLOMEC® Fuel Consumption System (FCS) is a complete fuel monitoring system that comprises 2x EGM positive displacement meters coupled with an F127 flow instrument for accurate measurement of fuel consumption rates and total fuel consumption. The FCS can accurately measure fuel consumption on combustion engines by correcting for temperature differences from the inlet to outlet of the engine.

Pulsating flow electronics, eliminating error due to fuel injection pulsation, coupled with integral PT100 resistance thermometers in Flomec’s renowned positive displacement meters gives an accurate and economic fuel consumption measurement solution in both land and marine applications.

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The Flomec Fuel Consumption System (FCS) is designed for monitoring diesel engines on ships, buses, trains, gen setsDesigned for MGO or Distillate engines the FLOMEC® Fuel Consumption System is a highly accurate monitoring system. Diesel engines operate with a fuel recycle that can be 3 to 5 times greater than the actual consumption rate.

Operating without temperature correction can give 1% error in thermal expansion in the distillate volume for 10°C in temperature difference. When this error is multiplied by the recirculation rate it will be 3-5% in systems operating without temperature correction.The other feature of the system is overcoming the pulsating flow produced by fuel injection systems that results in false readings as meter rotors can oscillate over a flow sensor. The special latching sensor board means any reverse flow won’t result in flow detection.

The highly accurate oval gear meters (typically ±0.5% over reading, 1% for FSC006) have inbuilt temperature measurement allowing the net use meter to correct for fuel expansion through the engine. The net use meter gives flow rate to monitor instantaneous fuel use as well as recording net use volumes to help with fuel consumption and fuel tracking.


Kit Contents

  • 2 x Aluminium EGM Series Electronic Flowmeters
  • 1 x F127 Totaliser
  • 2 x Meter Brackets
  • 1 x Fuel Strainer incl. Connector
  • Cable Glands
Download Land FCS Datasheet

Kit Contents

  • A more accurate basis for estimating your operating costs
  • Emission reduction through better fuel consumption control.
  • Increased engine life through reduced wear with more efficient operation
  • Theft identification by matching consumption with fuel purchase
  • Low maintenance due to the lubrication of the moving parts by the diesel and solid state hall effect sensors
  • Includes pre-strainer on supply and return lines to ensure long life and reliable service.
  • Usage monitoring to estimate run times under load and monitor costs.

Although each Fuel Consumption Kit consists of the same items, the size of the meter and the process connections change depending on the rate of flow, which is a direct correlation to the size of the engine.

A typical diesel fuel loop system would on average have 3.5 times more fuel in its line than what the engine consumes at full load. With this in mind, selecting the right kit based on the engine’s power output is important to ensure accuracy and the positive displacement meters’ longevity. The graphs depicted here should be used as a guide when determining the size of kit is required.

Land FCS Table 2.png__PID:2331dd46-703b-4c85-8270-8cda1cda99a6
Land FCS Table 1.png__PID:4b2331dd-4670-4bac-85c2-708cda1cda99

EGM Flowmeter

Flow Rates0.50 GPH - 21.1 GPM (2 L/hr - 80 L/min)
Sizes 1/4" - 3/4" (6 mm - 20 mm)
Engine Power7.5HP - 5000HP (Contact us for larger engines)
Temperature Range-40°F - +176°F (-40°C - +80°C)
Body MaterialStainless Steel 316 (Marine) or Aluminium (Land)
Rotor MaterialPPS (Stainless Steel 316 for EGM006 meters)
Cable Length2 metres (can extend using cable connector)

F127 Totaliser

CasingRobust IP66/IP67 Field Enclosure
Display7 digit resettable total, 11 digit accumulated total with backlight
Required Power Supply8 – 24V (dc) (back up power supply built in to save settings in case of power failure)
Temperature Range-40°F - 176°F (-40°C - +80°C)
Output Options 4-20mA and Pulse output available

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Flomec FCS Kit

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