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The FLOMEC® EGM Series Oval Gear meters provide exceptional accuracy and repeatability in an economical package. With a wide range of applications measuring non-flammable clean liquids. Direct volumetric measurement from the positive displacement design gives you a flow measurement that is unaffected by changes in temperature, pressure, or viscosity – factors which can cause measurement errors in other flow meter technologies.

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With a simple and reliable design concept using only two moving parts with a single hall effect magnetic sensor, they provide long service life and minimised maintenance costs. The addition of an optional PT100 temperature sensor provides flow and temperature readings for unique applications such as diesel fuel consumption monitoring.

Stainless steel meters are suitable for alcohols, water basedliquids, some aggressive liquids, AdBlue (DEF, Urea) as well asfuel and oil applications in saline marine environments.

High accuracy and repeatability, measures every drop and saves waste in your process


No requirement for flow conditioning (straight pipe runs) gives a simple and inexpensive installation

Extremely versatile design accurately measures high and low viscosity fluids

Sizes & Flowrates

The FLOMEC® EGM015 and EGM020 Oval Gear flow meters are well suited to precise measurement of diesel, lube oils, mildly aggressive chemicals, and various other clean industrial liquids. Flowrates from 1L/min to 80L/min, combined with low pressure drop and an economical compact package, make this product perfect for integration into equipment for dispensing engine and transmission oils, brake fluid, coolant, and many other automotive liquids.
Product selection is made easy with body, rotor, and seal materials configurable to suit your liquid application. Plus, a standard NPN hall effect output which interfaces with almost any receiving instrument, PLC or other control system.
The optional PT100 temperature output provides a multi-variable measurement device that can reduce installation costs by eliminating an external temperature sensor, improve volume measurement accuracy by allowing corrections for density changes, or provide mass flow measurements (with a suitable receiving instrument or control system).

The EGM-Series flow meters are perfect for tight installations in dispensing machinery, where precision measurement of thin or thick viscosity liquids is critical.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Automotive fluid dispensing
  • Chemical dispensing equipment
  • Diesel fuel consumption monitoring
  • Demineralised / RO water dispensing

Can't quite find what you're looking for? Let us work with you.

Chat to our team of applications engineers to see how we can design and adapt our flow measurement equipment to meet your requirements.

As a manufacturer, we have a long history of working closely with system designers and OEM's alike to develop custom flow measurement equipment to cater to a wide range of applciations.

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