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FLOMEC® Rate Totalisers are designed for receiving pulse signals from FLOMEC flowmeters, and to compute and display a reading of flowrate and/or total volume. FLOMEC® Rate Totalisers are rugged and reliable, and with a broad range of models available from a basic display only to fully featured models with analogue output and HART communications, there is a FLOMEC Rate Totaliser for almost any application.  

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RT14 Rate Totaliser

The FLOMEC® RT40 Flow Rate Totalizer is a perfect choice for users who require a simple display to read flow rate or totalised volume from a flow meter. The configurable digital output (pulse or alarm) also makes the RT40 well suited to use with a fuel management system, PLC, or a remote data logger.

The RT40 is a cost-effective solution for economic operations, seamlessly integrating with FLOMEC Oval Gear, Turbine and Insertion meters equipped with a pulse output. This streamlined compatibility enhances data analysis at a glance, eliminating the necessity for intricate systems in simple installations.

The RT40 Rate Totaliser is the perfect product for safe-area applications where a local display is required that can cater to a range of output requirements.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Economic and robust LCD display suitable for mining, truck, or industrial installations 
  • Digital output can be set as a flow alarm to notify system faults, such as insufficient lubrication to a bearing
  • Five-point linearisation allows significant improvement in accuracy for most positive displacement or turbine flow meters
  • Universal inputs compatible with most positive displacement or turbine flow meters
  • Intuitive user experience with in-built diagnostics for faster commissioning and troubleshooting of issues
  • Quadrature input allows measurement of bi-directional flow (with suitable flow meter)
  • Polycarbonate screen protector maintains readability of the display while protecting from impacts
  • Totals units are selectable for Litres, Cubic Metres, US Gallons, Imperial Gallons, Millilitres (Cubic Centimetres), Quarts, Fluid Ounces, Cubic Feet, Barrels, Kilograms, Pounds, or Custom.
  • Easy and secure programming; PIN protected with simple scrolling English prompts on screen
  • Can be remote mounted in a panel, or on a wall or pipe (mounting kits purchased separately)

Yes, by pressing the RATE/TOTAL button of RT14 and RATE button of RT40 will show the flow rate or instantaneous rate.


Yes, by pressing the RATE/TOTAL button of RT14 and RATE button of RT40 will show the flow rate or instantaneous rate.

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